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A Good Restaurant Menu Design is Key to Your Marketing Plan

Why should a restaurant menu be professionally designed?

A menu is your primary sales tool. It is a continuation of your brand and a reflection of your operations. It is the one piece you know for sure your guests will read. The way a menu is designed can influence what your patrons will order and how much they will spend. Good design adds to the overall customer experience and ultimately to your bottom line.

Is a menu really that important?

A menu should complement your restaurant’s decor, service, food quality, price range and personality. Unfortunately, many restauranteurs spare no expense in decor, kitchen equipment and chef creations, while their menu design gives the impression that they ran out of money. Or menu design was simply an afterthought. The job of a menu is to guide the customer, helping them decide what to order. It should lead your guests through a journey that will ultimately allow you to increase check averages.

A good menu design

Remember, a good menu goes beyond good food. It means having an effective menu design that is correctly merchandised – from item placement to naming to descriptions – which has maximum impact on your customers. Kulture Konnect offers over 20 years of combined experience in restaurant menu design to assist you with your menu efforts.