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Marketing Collateral Gets Your Audience Ready for the Sale By Providing Education and Validation

Importance of sales collateral

Sales collateral complements your business’ sales & marketing efforts. It is a visual representation of your business and what you have to offer to your audience as benefit and value.

When you get a request for more information, what do you send them? The cheap brochures you printed out last Friday at Kinkos, two-year-old postcards you never sent out? A flyer from last year’s tradeshow? It is important to keep your sales collateral current and that they speak about the quality of your services or products through the content, design and paper selection. Well-designed sales collateral adds credibility. It allows you to better explain your brand, product or service and provides your sales team with various tools to close a sale.

Tips to develop effective collateral

Marketing collateral prepares your audience for the sale by providing education and validation. It advances the sales processes. Remember, marketing collateral is a window into your company, make sure it is current, accurate and professional.