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What is a template website?

Template websites are pre-designed and pre-built sites that you can buy for a nominal fee. You then modify the site to your needs. Template websites are normally built with very basic features and with a lot of constraints, which means that if there is something specific you want to modify in a certain way, you won’t be able to do it unless you are a developer.

Do template websites save time?

They do save time if the modifications are minimal. Remember that you might end up against the wall if you have design or code changes that require an actual designer and developer.

Template websites might be the right choice for some businesses that are looking for a small informational site without many features and that don’t necessarily care about other businesses also using the same template

Kulture Konnect has experience working with WordPress templates and making modifications so it reflects our clients’ unique brand. If your website goals do not call for complex features and you are thinking about using a template but don’t know how, call us. Our team is ready to give you a hand.