It’s All About Your Content

SEO? What’s that?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not about stuffing your web pages with as many keywords and meta tags as possible hoping Google would notice you. These days, a good SEO strategy involves what kind of relevant, fresh and original content you provide to your visitors. This content is what has your keywords and it is what will allow you to rank better organically.
Search engines like Google are looking for quality over quantity. This means that websites which offer valuable content on a regular basis will rank better. Some of the things that Google looks for that signals quality content are:

  • length of content
  • size, quality and quantity of images
  • whether you have videos
  • spelling and grammar
  • text formatting
  • outbound and inbound links

SEO strategy and content optimization

Through blog posts, e-books and social media you can optimize your content. However, you still need to know what keywords are relevant for your business and your audience. You need to know how do they rank, what is their difficulty and how many monthly searches have occurred. Kulture Konnect can help you identify and monitor these variables to make sure you choose the right keywords to optimize your content.