Make Website Content Management User-Friendly and Effective

Why do you need a custom website?

A custom website includes the design and programming of the front end (what the user sees and interacts with), as well as the development of a content management system (CMS). Businesses that implement an original website design increase their overall market trust and credibility. A website with original front end design and custom CMS will make the process and structure for editing and implementing of content elements suited to your specific needs and wants.

Can’t I just use a WordPress template?

A well-built CMS allows users to publish relevant content in a systematic and organized manner, which makes editing your website easier and time-saving.

WordPress templates are great and their templated CMS has decent performance. However, using WordPress templates will leave you at the mercy of whoever designed it and programmed it. This means you’ll only get whatever they decided to use for plugins, e-commerce solutions, etc.

Building high-performance informational websites or e-commerce sites requires more work than a typical 5-page website. Bending another CMS into working how you need and want it would take longer than building it from scratch. This ultimately impacts your bottom line.

High-performance websites

A custom website design and CMS can fully match your business, your needs and your workflow. It is not a template that includes things that others thinks are important. At Kulture Konnect, we build websites that offer you more than pre-packaged solutions.

We love WordPress templates, but what we love more is providing our clients solutions we feel work best for what they need.