One Website Viewable Across All Devices

What is responsive design?

Nowadays we are all on-the-go. It’s extremely important that your website is mobile friendly. Historically, this was solved by having a website for desktop users and another website ( for mobile users. But that is no longer a need – or standards-based practice as it has been replaced by responsive design.

With it, you can have a website that the user can view across all devices without losing legibility. The design can adjust its layout to any new screen size.

Benefits of having a responsive design website

  • Search engines such as Google can more easily index your website, which can increase your ranking and general SEO
  • Because it is accessible from any device, it will contribute to the increase of your general lead conversion
  • Users don’t have to pinch or zoom to be able to see your content, providing a better user experience
  • Since there is one site instead of two, it is easier to manage and edit content

If you want your new website to stand out from the competition and have more reach, responsive website design needs to be part of the project scope. Website users are very critical and will instantly judge your site based on whether you cater to their perception of user experience and their needs.