Interested in Becoming a Kulture Konnect Guest Blogger?

Who We Are

Kulture Konnect is a one-stop marketing and graphic design studio assisting hospitality brands as well as other industries who are small, medium to large size businesses.

About Our Blog

The Kulture Konnect blog attracts over 2,000 monthly visits and has contributed articles to Next Restaurants, ALSCO, The Rail and Buzz Feed. We were also named as one of the top digital marketing brands by Towering SEO. Our team is always happy to consider using quality content by those interested in becoming a contributor.

Who Reads Our Articles

We work closely with brands in the hospitality industry. This ranges from wineries and hotels to restaurants, which is why we chose to dedicate our blog page to share expert advice about restaurant marketing, hotel marketing, winery marketing, branding, social media marketing and more. We also offer educational tools and resources that will help improve their bottom line.

Who Can Write For Us – Who We’re Looking For

Kulture Konnect wants to share and teach valuable information about topics that our readers care about. We are primarily looking for contributors who have marketing expertise in the hospitality industry. Although our content focuses primarily on hospitality marketing we are open to topics about budgeting, management, and team development as long as it focuses on the industries mentioned (hospitality: restaurants, hotels, wineries). We are also very strict in terms of geographic location. If you want to write for us, you, your business or the business you represent HAS to have a physical location in the continental USA. Any submission from outside the USA will be rejected automatically.

Types of Content Accepted

How to’s; Tips; Steps; Best Practices; Guides; Lists; Checklists; Industry Trends; Industry News; Infographic Posts. Sales pitch articles will be rejected.


We allow one link in your bio to your website, blog or social media account. The link may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site, such as a different cause or website other than your own blog.
Excessive links or any links that appear commercial will be removed. We reserve the right to remove any link including your bio in our sole discretion.

Post and Submission Guidelines

  • Article must be a minimum of 1,000 or more words per post
  • Must be original content which has never been used before
  • Any copied content will be rejected
  • Must be well written and well researched
  • Must submit a headshot along with a short write up of your bio
  • Include a link to your website, blog or social media account
  • Must include links to any sources used (quotes, stats, images, etc.). Articles without any substantiated data or information will be rejected
  • You do not need to submit a blog post image, our team will upload an image
  • Written article must be sent in a PDF or word format or provide a Google document link
  • Must be willing to allow Kulture Konnect to post a guest article on your blog
  • Must be willing to share article to your own social media channels once published.
  • Your social media channels and/or blog should have the following requirements:
    • Instagram: Verified Account 25,000 + followers overall engagement of each post should be over 500
    • Twitter: verified account + 10,000+ followers
    • Facebook: verified account + 10,000+ followers
    • Blog: min. web traffic of 300 visits a day

Average Review Time

Due to a high volume of requests, we cannot respond to all submissions. Please follow the guidelines for a higher chance of your article getting accepted.

How You Will Be Notified

If your article meets the guidelines and aligns with our audience, our team will be in touch to inform you of publish details. This could take anywhere from two weeks to a month.

Where to Submit Articles

Please send all blog articles to [email protected].

If you want to submit a guest post, please read our guest blogger criteria above thoroughly and and make sure you understand it before contacting us about it, we strictly adhere to the guidelines explained on this page.

About Sponsored Articles

If you don’t fall under the criteria explained above, you can still submit your post as a sponsored post. Sponsored posts also have to maintain the overall voice and stay within the topics we write about.  You can also submit a request for a brand mention or a back link, which we’ll review and decide if it is something we can use. Your business also has to be in the United States of America, all articles or back links that have to do with businesses outside of USA will be rejected automatically. We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission.

Before you pay for a sponsored post, please submit your article for review. If it is accepted, you will be alerted and you can make your payment. If it is rejected, you don’t need to make a payment. There will be no refunds if you pay first and submit your article afterwards and it gets rejected as we can’t guarantee acceptance. This is our price table for sponsored blog items:



  • Single blog article placement
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  • Blog article placement
  • One share to Facebook and IG after the post is published
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  • Blog article placement
  • One share to Facebook and IG after the post is published
  • Email newsletter inclusion
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  • A brand mention or back link on existing (already indexed into Google!) content - NO DO FOLLOWS
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