Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without online stores. We order food, clothes, furniture, cars and more; we can register for classes and sign up for other online services; we can download books, stream music, and watch movies. These dynamics have become part of our lives.

How can Kulture Konnect support your ecommerce efforts?

An ecommerce website is a site that allows businesses to sell and other businesses or people to to buy physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet. As a business, it allows you to process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service. We can help you with:


Before putting all your products out to the world, we recommend to figure out a strategy first. This strategy would be based on your business objectives and the general goal of driving more sales and online orders. With this in mind, we can help you to define your target audience and outline your off-site and on-site buyer’s journey.

Web design - UI and UX

Like any other website, looks and navigability is fundamental. We can help you with UI design, which will help define the visual look of your ecommerce site, and with UX design, which will allow us to figure out user behavior on your page.

Web development

Programming and development of an ecommerce site entails more work and details than a regular informational website. We will help you with the programming and development of the front-end and back end instances of your store as well as the back end for easy CMS administration.

Store set up

An ecommerce store is nothing without the transactional functionalities. We can help you set up your merchant account, payment gateway, shipping options and user account dashboard for a seamless user interaction.

Transactional emails

Once a transaction has been completed, it is customary to send a few alerts to the user and to yourself. These come in the form of a receipt, a new purchase alert and more. We will help you set up order confirmation emails, subscriptions emails and abandoned cart emails.

With the smartphone boom, e-commerce exploded because consumers were able to shop not only from their desks, but from nearly anywhere. This has pushed ecommerce businesses to build their sites in such a way that it can keep on working 24/7 with or without owners or managers monitoring the site and dealing with their customers every second of the day.

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Benefits of an ecommerce site

Ecommerce websites offer many advantages to consumers and can significantly improve their online shopping experience, but what about the benefits for business owners?

Here is a quick, short list of some of the benefits for your business:

Lower start-up and running costs

The costs of launching Internet-based stores are typically reserved for web hosting, domain name, web design, merchant fees. Also since your business doesn’t require a physical location or if you choose to run a dropshipping business, you’ll save on rent, utilities and the huge upfront investment of stocking up on products.

Go global

The world is the potential marketplace for your business.

No time restrictions

An ecommerce site will run 24/7, unlike brick-and-mortar stores. So, as an e-Commerce business, you can maximize your sales and profits since access to your products and services is no longer limited by the store’s opening hours.

Simplified scaling and inventory

One person and one website; that’s all you technically need to start an eCommerce store – and you can go from there.

SEO potential

Good SEO practices will ensure that your online store appears among the top results in SERPs.

Niche markets

You could cater to a niche market simply because the internet makes that search for very specific products and services a lot easier.


You can use cookies, personal info provided in sign-up forms and the use this data to get in touch with your customers, improve their shopping experience, retarget customers with shoppable ads, and offer personalized product recommendations.

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Once you decide to take the jump and start working on your ecommerce website, make sure to always prioritize the UX so it’s easy for your potential customers to get the information they are looking for quickly, complete purchases with just a few clicks to make it a hassle-free and trust-worthy experience.

Finally, online shopping experiences have gotten better over the years. More and more people and businesses are feeling more secure about buying and selling online because of how much it’s improved.

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