Share Your Knowledge!

E-books should support your overall content and inbound marketing strategy by:

  • Providing a solution to a known stated problem
  • Introducing a new concept or idea
  • Describing steps to do a certain task to achieve a certain objective

As a marketing tool, e-books place emphasis on a company’s product or service to generate consumer interest. This way, a business can position itself as the leader and expert in the industry.

Writing and Designing effective e-books

  • When creating your e-book, make sure that the value is clearly stated. Readers are more willing to share their information in exchange for valuable information
  • Your design should be engaging and to the point. Use powerful and relevant imagery, as well as a clean and easy to follow layout
  • Spread the word on your social media outlets and research who else is talking about the same things. This way you can get back links
  • You can use your e-book more than once. Don’t think of it as something you use on only one blog post. Exploit your e-book by doing a blog post series, attaching it to other related posts

Writing and designing an e-book requires a lot of research and design time. The Kulture Konnect team can create compelling and powerful e-books that will grab the attention of your target market.