Publication Design

A Brand That Is Relevant to Your Readers’ Lives

Publication Design and Branding

Whether it is a newspaper, a magazine or a book, publication design and branding goes beyond a logo or a slogan. Branding for a newspaper, a magazine or a book revolves around the culture they create with their readership and their perception. This is accomplished through a combination of the visual look of their brand (logo and layout design) as well as the experience for the customer – online and offline. The success of a brand happens through the understanding of how it is perceived and experienced by the customer.
Kulture Konnect’s team can assist your publication by defining and solidifying a brand that is emotionally engaging for your audience. Through a mixture of creative branding, logo design, website design, social media and content marketing we find new ways to attract customers and excite them about what you do.



Finding the right graphic design studio can be like finding a needle in a haystack! This checklist will give you a starting point and will contribute to your search and selection efforts.

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