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Your Brand Should be as Powerful as the Print and Document Management Solutions You Offer Your Clients

Branding your office technology business

When you have local or regional operations, your office technology company’s brand has a very active and crucial role in the way your business is perceived. What makes you different from the typical print and document management company?
Whether it is in person, through a printed brochure, ad, website or email, every time you interact with a customer or a prospect your reputation is on the line. Your brand should be able to provide a visual representation of the essence of your business and keep the benefits you can provide to your customers so you can be more successful, profitable and competitive.

I already have a website, do I need a re-design?

The normal life cycle of a website is between 2-3 years. If your website is older than this, you probably are working with old technology and your site is simply obsolete.
Nowadays people are mostly on-the-go, with 24/7 anywhere access to the internet through their mobile devices. What customers and prospects find and get in terms of user experience and relevant content when they get to your website plays a major role in how they respond to your sales efforts.
Today’s technology goes beyond a simple static and brochure-like format. It also includes other complex features such as responsive design in terms of layout and structural design, as well as content marketing initiatives. This allows you to increase the results of your SEO efforts.

The cost of not having a defined brand

Not having a defined and powerful brand translated into all your print and online marketing materials will end up costing you money in lost sales opportunities. It can weaken the overall customer experience.
The conventional way to do business has changed. Relying solely on your sales staff is no longer enough. You might want to spend thousands of dollars decorating your showroom, yet keep in mind that only a small fraction of your customers or prospects will ever visit your office. However, through your print and online marketing materials you can create an ongoing conversation with your clients that allows you to provide a great customer experience, ultimately contributing to closing the sale.



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