Print Ads

Print Still is a Powerful and Necessary Component of Any Ad Campaign

What can print advertising offer?

Great and clever advertising is not enough. You have to be able to identify the right channel, audience and time; this allows you to make sure it is worth your own time. Print advertising is one of those great channels that still creates enough pull for large and small companies. Some of the reasons why print ads still work are below:

  • Tangibility – A magazine or a newspaper are things that anyone can hold in their hands. They can stay in houses or offices for long periods of time. On the other hand, web ads are very short-lived
  • Authority – Banner ads have oversaturated the web that people easily feel overwhelmed. Many times people don’t want to click on an ad for fear of downloading a virus on their computer; or compromising their personal information. With print advertisement, you can create authority around the fact that you are offering your product or service without invading anyone’s safe space
  • Branding – Print ads offer a great channel to solidify your brand and continuously burn memory units. Your print ads, as well as any other marketing materials, should be consistent with your style guides to make sure you establish the correct brand recognition
  • Demographics – You can segment the reach of your print ad and get to niche audiences that might not be online that often
  • Engagement – Unlike online material that is skimmed in about 15 seconds, print ads tend to have a longer reading cycle. As a result, you’ll be able to communicate your message in a more comprehensive way

A print ad strategy may be as simple as a single print ad, or as elaborate as a series. Furthermore, it could be a multi-channel campaign with local, regional or national reach. From the initial planning to the creative execution to the final implementation, it is our job to make each step of the process easy to understand and hassle-free for our clients.



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