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Restaurant Marketing

It is a tough marketplace out there for restaurants. There are so many restaurant chains that it is a very competitive landscape for both big restaurant corporations and for small one or two location restaurants. Normally, people tend to be more comfortable with restaurants that are part of a large corporation because of the perception of getting a similar experience every time. This makes it even harder for the smaller businesses.
Whether you have a restaurant chain or a one location store, marketing and branding are tools that will contribute to the success of your business. A planned restaurant marketing strategy will play a huge role in filling up your restaurant, increase the average check amount and increase your contribution margins by pushing your most profitable items.

I have a brand and am marketing my restaurant, now what?

Whether you have an established restaurant or are venturing to open a new concept, make sure that you identify the following before implementing a marketing strategy, this will avoid the perception of a scattered brand:

  • Analyze your marketing environment
  • Analyze your competition
  • Define your target market and its segments
  • Identify what makes you different
  • Make sure all your operations are systematic and customer-oriented
  • Budget your branding and marketing efforts
  • Develop or, if necessary, revamp your brand
  • Create a marketing strategy, define your goals and implementation strategy
  • Stay focused with your implementation
  • Monitor and assess your efforts
  • Branding and marketing are not a science. Instead, they are very organic options that contribute to the overall success of any business. This means that, as an organic initiative, you should be willing and ready to adapt to new challenges and possibilities.

Kulture Konnect’s team can assist your restaurant(s) with defining and solidifying a brand that is emotionally engaging for your audience. Through a mixture of creative branding, logo design, website design, social media and content marketing we find new ways to attract customers and excite them about what you have to offer in order to drive more foot traffic through your restaurant(s).


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