Maintain The Value of Your Website Over Time

Maintain Customer interest and engagement

Web maintenance contributes to keeping current customers and attracts prospects. You should design and maintain your website with a focus on your customers and their needs and wants. This is done through relevant and fresh content as well as making sure that contact forms and other contact info is kept up-to-date and all products and services listings are accurate and current.

Do I have to do web maintenance? I don’t have time!

Even if you don’t have time, web maintenance should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy as it increases your organic ranking and overall SEO efforts. Google and other search engines check your pages to determine whether it is worth crawling. If you don’t do content updates on a regular basis, you could fall down the ranking list.

Maintaining a current website also creates brand credibility. A poorly maintained website with broken links, spelling errors, dead pages and outdated content projects a bad image. The Kulture Konnect team can assist you with content (text and images) editing and publishing as well as infrastructure monitoring and maintenance.