Deal Automation

As business owners, knowing where your prospects stand in every step of your sales process is key. Such details allow you to have a clear picture of where your month is headed and what you may need to do to get there.

How can Kulture Konnect support your deal automation efforts?

For many small businesses this happens in a pretty non-systematic way: sales management sits down with each individual sales rep and then they go through each opportunity in the rep’s pipeline to identify deals that are closed-lost or that need a little extra love. Although this approach is not bad altogether, it can easily become burdensome and obsolete as you scale because more deals equals more things to keep up with in the same amount of time a week. With a good CRM platform such as Hubspot, you can create an environment for deal automation and stages, which, together, can help strengthen your sales process and reinforce the weak spots. We can help you with:

Setting up automated actions

One of the best Hubspot features is how seamless you can integrate workflows through several aspects of your business. Adding automation to your deal stages is a simple way to remove friction from your sales process. We can help you with the set up of property values such as lead status, ticket association and more, creation of tasks and follow up reminders, deal owner assignment, ticket creation and internal email notifications and remarking workflows.

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Why is deal automation important for your business?

Deal automation may be the biggest case of untapped potential for your sales team. The whole purpose of a CRM is to help you automate a lot of tasks such as updating deal status, sending personalized follow ups and keeping the entire sales team up-to-date with different reports. But, if you’re doing this manually, it is a lot to keep track of, and things will inevitably slip through the cracks. The good news is that, with a little bit of organization and a few simple workflows, you and your sales team can improve your sales process and make your teams more efficient.

Automating your deal pipeline will allow you to think about your current sales process in-depth and identify the different stages that a deal goes through. Every business’ sales process is different, so your deal stages will be unique to your own business and may change over time. A common pipeline looks something like this:

RFQ >Meeting booked > Proposal sent > Closed won/Closed lost > New/Existing Client

Within this workflow you will need to dig deeper to identify sub-stages that can help you figure out other instances of your pipeline. This exercise is extremely important because, once deal automation is implemented, it will help you keep track of the different deals that are in motion and predict revenue, identify bottlenecks, prevent deals from slipping through the cracks, keep track of prospects and monitor your team’s performance.

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These are some example in which deal automation can be of extreme value

Deal creation

A couple of good examples are whenever a quote is requested or a meeting is booked.

Send email reminders

This is especially helpful for keeping track of every deal in your pipeline and remembering to follow up at the right time.


Not all deals can be closed. This is why it is a good idea to have a retargeting workflow. Your pipeline probably contains deal stages such as closed lost, unresponsive or something similar, so, make sure you have a workflow that retargets them with nurturing emails and such of their interest.

As we start our days with our work routines it is very easy to let important details slip through the cracks and stay on top of high-priority tasks. We know this is especially true in the world of sales.

Your sales team members have a full workload and sometimes it may seem impossible to keep track of everything. Fortunately, deal automation can give you the support you need to make your overall sales process more efficient, which, in turn, can create an environment that is scalable and adjusts to your growth.

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