Pest Control

Protect Your Brand as You Defend People’s Homes

Branding a pest control company

Protecting your customers’ homes is your job, and you do it well. However, many pest control companies forget the importance of a brand that allows them to build and maintain trust and confidence with their target market. From their logo to slogan to brochures and flyers to business cards and apparel to website and email marketing, most marketing initiatives started by pest control companies are unfocused. Kulture Konnect can assist in your pest control marketing; defining a brand that communicates your benefits to your audience in an effective and emotionally engaging manner.

Don’t let your brand bug your audience

Hopefully, your brand doesn’t bug you or your audience. But if it does, our priority would be to assess your current brand to determine the right strategy to communicate your brand’s message. Our goal is to create an image that speaks to the benefits you offer, in combination with a content marketing strategy that allows you to position yourself as the expert in the industry.
Whether you are creating a new brand, refreshing your current brand or re-naming your brand, it is important to create a solid foundation for all your other marketing tools: website, social media, email marketing, internal and sales marketing materials, etc. The Kulture Konnect team is ready to assist you with all your branding and marketing needs.


Case Study

AIPM Rebranding Success Story – Download this rebranding case study that tells the story of how a forgettable brand made the jump to become an experience for their customers.

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