Web Design

Is web design really that important?

Absolutely! Web design is as important as your actual web content. From the general layout and visual look to each separate design element, every detail counts. Busy or complex layouts, boring or expected designs, distracting elements such as ads, too small or too big text and slow loading times are but a few of the things to have in mind if you have a website or if you are thinking of creating one.

What about ADA compliant websites? What the buzz about it?

Since 2016 we have been experiencing an exponential growth of ADA lawsuits for website accessibility. It all started with big names such as Walmart, Target, Beyoncé and even Playboy, but now we see more and more small and medium size businesses being impacted by these type of lawsuits. In 2019, the pace has been set to 1 lawsuit/hour files in federal courts and California spearheads the list with 22% of the total of such lawsuits.

Many business owners are under the impressions that these lawsuits are being filed against big corporations only, but here is where they are mistaken… There are law firms that are dedicated to farming websites and filing lawsuits. In CA, fines can go up to $75K on top of attorney and court fees plus the cost of remediation.

So, your best next step is to TAKE ACTION! So, get a FREE scan of your website and find out whether it is accessible so you can start your road towards compliance.

I created my website 5 years ago and it still works.

Or so you think. Technology changes by the second. What was hot a couple of years ago might be completely obsolete today. If your website is 2-5 years old, it may be time to start considering a redesign and the implementation of new technology, such as responsive design AND accessibility.
Also, If your website is that old, your content may also be outdated. Outdated content not only affects your image, it affects your SEO efforts. If you are not constantly updating your content, your ranking will go down substantially.

Your website is not necessarily what makes your whole brand, but it is an important part of your branding and marketing effort. It helps you build trust and engagement with your audience.

The full impact of web design on your brand and marketing

Web design is not just a matter of personal preferences as to what you like or don’t like. Just like other marketing and branding efforts, it has to do with how to cater to the wants and needs of your audience so you can increase your SEO, branding awareness and reputation, and conversion rates. Without quality built into your design, navigational structure and general user experience, users won’t take the time to read your content and take action.


DIY ADA Compliant Websites

If you want your website to truly represent your brand, WordPress allows for much more visual and design customization. This option is perfect if you're looking for a unique design and solution tailored just for you!

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WordPress Websites

Our SaaS platform allows you to have a website in a few easy steps. Simply select a template, customize with your brand colors, logo and fonts and, voila! Your website is ready to go

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Website redesign goes beyond simply tweaking the visual look of your site. Download our 11-Step Checklist For Your Next Website Redesign today and learn how to create a successful website.

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