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What is premium Content?

People are increasingly using the internet for information, research, and reviews. This makes premium content one of the most relevant marketing tools for any business.

Premium content is knowledge available to your audience in exchange for their information. When they share their information, it is easier to qualify leads and then convert them into solid business. Premium content can include e-books, articles, white papers, podcasts, audio books, checklists, case studies and more.

What is the purpose of premium content?

The key functions of any premium content piece is to:

I already share my knowledge through my blog posts, do I still need premium content?

A blog post primarily acts as a gate to your premium content, which will allow you to capture leads and nurture them through an organic sales funnel. Each premium content piece should be tailored and targeted to a specific audience at a specific stage of the buying process.

Combined with blogging, social media and email marketing, your premium content offers you the opportunity of leading your audience down the pathway to becoming a qualified lead and, ultimately, a long-term customer.