Inform Your Customers of Your Products or Services

Why you still need a brochure

The importance of a brochure for any business is that it interacts directly with your customer. Good brochure design allows any business to tell a complete story about your brand, products and/or services; this allows you to more effectively communicate between your company and your audience. Here are the top three reasons why we at Kulture Konnect think that brochures are still important for any business:

  • People are not always online – Even if you have your smartphone or tablet on hand, sometimes it is easier and feels better to simply pick up a piece of paper. If your brochure uses the right content and visual design as well as the correct paper, you will make a lasting impression
  • Face-to-face interactions – When you are in meetings, it is always better to leave behind something physical besides your business card. With a brochure you don’t have to send anyone away to take a look at your website, you can talk about and discuss what is right in front of you
  • Promotes credibility – A well-designed brochure allows you to talk about the benefits and values of your company, creating a desire to know more about your business. This creates credibility and trust

Make your customers hold on to your brochure

It is not easy to develop a content and design combination that will make your audience keep and read your brochure. At Kulture Konnect we follow these four rules:

  • Attention – Color palette, font selection, imagery, overall layout
  • Information – Give your customers a reason to feel connected
  • Incentive – Give your customers a reason to act
  • Action – Make sure the actionable items and steps are easy to follow



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