Kulture Konnect serves serious clients whose annual marketing budgets have evolved over time as well as venture capital funded startups.

Minimum Engagement

Our usual engagement is $2,500/month over a period no less than three months. More specific pricing information is provided at the end of this page.

Pricing Structure

We offer our services based on four pricing methods:

  • Time & Materials
  • Fixed Bid
  • Block Time
  • Monthly Retainer
  • There are meaningful discounts offered to clients who elect the monthly retainer or block time options.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Normally, when businesses implement a marketing program, they are trying to accomplish one of three goals:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer retention

These goals are usually achieved through different marketing communications techniques. It is our job to immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture to understand their internal and external constituencies and deliver the most effective solution.

What industries do we serve?

We serve an array of industries that include restaurants, office technology, IT, Investment and Financial, personal growth, pest control management, law, publishing.

How does Kulture Konnect typically charge?

Every client situation is different, but here are some guidelines that will allow you to understand how we work:

Marketing (strategy)

Most of our clients choose our monthly retainers. This typically includes marketing plan development, competitive positioning, message hierarchy, campaign integration and general marketing counsel. Marketing retainers start at $1,200/month.

Actual assets and artwork generation can be generated through a block time, fixed time or time and materials basis.

Design/creative services

When our clients are interested in our design services, most of them decide to go with our monthly plans, which are set up as back of times. We have four tiers that range from $2,400 to $8,100 per month.

Public Relations/Social Media

Our PR services typically include press releases, feature articles and editor relations. Due to the involvement in researching, pitching and follow ups, these services are offered only on a monthly basis. Our minimum required investment is $1,000.

Social Media

One of the things in our work we enjoy the most is social media. Our campaigns include research, creating a calendar and posting of content Monthly budgets range from $500 to $6,000+ depending on the required services.

Website Development

A custom website includes the design and programming of the front end, as well as the development of a content management system.
Our starting price for a website is $8,000, but pricing will depend on detailed scope of work.

Website Maintenance

A well-maintained website allows our clients to keep current users coming back and entices new visitors. It includes updating text, images, forms, product listings, etc. Monthly plans start at $600.


The job is not completely done one we finish a website. At this point, the most important part of the job, driving traffic to the site, starts with SEO.
These services are typically provided on an ongoing monthly fee starting at $1,200 per month.

Are we made for each other?

When selecting a marketing or design partner, it is important that you are a good financial fit, but what is really significant for us is that there is chemistry from both parties.

Are you ready to partner with us? Give us a call at 951-479-5411 or fill out this form.